maandag 22 maart 2010

'Overzien' finished

I finished this painting 'Overzien' (which meens something like 'thinking over' or 'looking over') this weekend. Oil on canvas (linnen), 70x50cm. On canvas again, because I'm planning to paint on a bit bigger formats in the future. More real life sice, which can be impressing when painting people. Panel becomes to heavy then. This one is not so big though. I painted it with Liquin (medium) to be able to work faster because the paint dries faster. Still not used to it anyhow, but that will come. Just practise and time will get me there. I'm painting 3 pictures at this moment and hope to finish them within two months, the first one within a few weeks I think. Well I hope you like it anyway. More of my works you'll find on my site See you soon.

2 opmerkingen:

Mariah zei

Another nice painting Maurits!

Are you happy using Liquin during glazing? I've tried it but didn't like the shining of it. Gonna experiment a little with mixture of Scheveningen Medium an Liquin to see if it still speeds up.

Erik zei

Mooi man!