zaterdag 25 juli 2009

Roberto Ferri

Roberto Ferri - born in Taranto, Italy, in 1978. Graduate of the School of Fine Arts in his hometown. Inspired deeply by Baroque painters (especially Caravaggio) and other Old Masters of Romanticism, Academism, and Symbolism (David, Ingres, Girodet, Gericault, Gleyre, Bouguereau, Moreau, Redon, Rops, etc.) Graduated - with Honors - Academy of Fine Arts in Rome. In 2003 - first one-man show "Roberto Ferri e il sogno del Parnaso” in the Center of Contemporary Art in Rome. Participated in group shows, e.g., "Animali e Dei", “Angeli, Demoni, Miracoli e Arconti”, and have had one-man show curated by art critic and historian, Prof. Roberto Maria Siena - “Roberto Ferri e la Luce del Corpo” in the gallery "The Labyrinth" in Rome. Winner of the Grand Prix for Scenography "Antonio Valente", II edition, in the city of Sora. Exhibited at 1st and 2nd edition of "Notte Bianca" at the Academy of Fine Arts in Rome. December 2005 - exhibition of drawings at the gallery LoGu's Arte in Rome. 2006 - exhibitions in the gallery "Il Cortile”, Galleria Vittoria, LoGu’s Arte in Rome and in Palazzo Vecchio in Florence (TUSCANY FESTIVAL). 2007 – individual exhibition of drawings in the gallery RDF in Rome curated by Prof. Siena. May 2008 -took part in the group show “Flesh and Passion. The Fervor of Saint Sebastian” in CFM Gallery, New York City. Upcoming retrospective one-man show is scheduled for October 2008 in Castel D’Angelo in Rome. His works are already present in many important private collections in London, Paris, Madrid, Barcelona, Miami, New York, San Antonio, Rome, Milan, Malta, Dublin, Boston, and the Castle of Menerbes, Provence.

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